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Erica Fite,

Co-Founder / Co-CCO,

made it here by way of LA—working on both sides of the camera, as an actor and creative director. A natural empath, she cultivates meaningful connections with consumers as well as bringing a snappy, stylish vibe to every project. Also, ask her about selling squid in Santa Barbara.


Lindsey Seyman,

President, began her career doing who knows what for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (her lips are sealed!). 15 years later she’s happy to be able to talk about the work she does and the clients whose businesses she helps to transform. She’s never met an ice cream flavor she didn’t like.


Katie Keating, Co-Founder / Co-CCO, came to New York for a New Year's Eve party and never left. Constantly fascinated by what makes people tick, she finds inspiration around every corner and loves the excitement born out of big ideas. She has been known to refer to a late-night dance party as “exercise.”



Brand DNA (including all Positioning Elements & Narrative) 

Brand Architecture (including Portfolio Management) 

Competitive Audits

Cultural Trends Analysis 

Research Expertise, Design, & Consultation


Brand Identity (including Naming & Logo design) 

Campaign Development & Production


Digital, Social, Mobile, Email 

In-Store & Collateral

loud and proud

We believe there is no shame, stigma, or anything taboo about being a woman. So we push ourselves and our clients to bring conversations that have been hushed by society into the wide open. Topics like sex, aging, mental health, pleasure, even finance. These are normal parts of everyday life, and when the world recognizes it, we’ll all be living in a better place.

the way we work, works.

Fancy operates with a studio model, pulling together just the right team from our diverse community of “Fancies.” These women (and the occasional woke man) are experts in their fields and collaborative by nature. And they have rejected the traditional agency structure of butts in seats, working on whatever needs bodies, in favor of aligning their projects with their passions. This gives our clients the senior-level talent they deserve and our colleagues the flexibility and freedom that feeds their creativity.

 fancy for good

It’s important to us to focus on the world at large and not just our small piece of it. Therefore there’s always some project going on at Fancy that’s dedicated to the greater good. It might be advertising, it might be fundraising, it might be collecting 5 hockey bags of sports bras for an entire girls soccer league in Haiti.