lion’s den “summer of love”

After over a year in lockdown, the world is just itching to get back out there. But... just because you can go out again, doesn’t mean you have to. Sure, you could put on a bra, squeeze into your pre-Covid pants, and go out with...well…people, but do you really want to? Lion’s Den makes staying in way more...satisfying...than going out. 

With this ensemble cast, and characteristic tongue in cheek humor, Lion’s Den encourages everyone to celebrate the ‘Summer of Love’ by makin’ a little love -- alone or with a partner. 

The Good Stuff: :60, :30, :15-second videos, across OTT, CTV, online video, digital, and social media, including an OTT buy on the Summer Olympics.


“As the conversation [around pleasure] expands and becomes more inclusive, we’re so proud to be leading that transformation in our stores, our product offerings, and our brand communications”

– Pete Potenzini, Director of Marketing, LD Management

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