New Work Alert: Hair Biology “Signs of Aging”


The farther along in life a woman gets, the more she’s told to cover up, to cut her hair, to withdraw. To hide her age. To hide herself

Ask any woman over 40, 50, 60 and she’ll tell you it’s the Age of Invisibility. Irrelevancy. It’s a time when brands stop paying attention. Stop seeing these women for who they are, what they offer, and how they live. 

Not Hair Biology.

Our new campaign for this haircare brand designed specifically for women 50+ celebrates age. Shows it off. Purposefully. Proudly. 

With Hair Biology, we turned the typical “signs of aging” conversation on its head. 

Instead of focusing on undesirable fine lines, gray hairs, and gravitational pull, “Signs of Aging” shifts the focus to the many enviable signs and attributes of age, like confidence, knowledge, and achievement. The creative features three women, in their 40s, 50s, & 60s, with gorgeous long hair, doing what is rarely expected from women of a certain age: spectacular dance moves that show off her body, powerful yoga postures that show off her strength, and confident poses that show off owning and loving her look.

A rallying cry to all women to embrace their unique and beautiful edge—and age. 

It was a particular pleasure for Fancy to work on and bring this campaign into the world because for us it was personal. Co-founders and co-CCOs Katie Keating & Erica Fite are both 50+ and have worked in, on, and around the beauty industry throughout their careers. Being able to bring a brand for women like themselves to life with authenticity and empathy is an opportunity that unfortunately doesn’t come around all that often. 

“The last time I worked on a hair campaign with a “silver” haired person, we had to cast a young model with prematurely gray hair and then retouch and erase any possible age-related character lines,” stated Erica Fite, “I can’t tell you how refreshing it is for a brand to celebrate women who have lived a little and showcase them in all their age and glory. At age 57 myself, I can personally say, it’s about time.” 

To ensure that perspective was embedded throughout the creative process the writer, director, editor, and producer were all women over 40.

The campaign includes online video, social, radio, and print.


Women over 40 aren’t who you think they are.


Hello?... is anyone out there?… Women 40+ feel completely ignored by brands.