NEW WORK ALERT: pH-D Feminine Health “Smarty Pants”

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There’s nothing we love more than the challenge of taking a normal, everyday part of a woman’s life that’s been hushed by society and bringing it out into the wide open. Tackling these taboo topics and including them in the cultural conversation lifts a veil of stigma and shame about our bodies.

In the past, the mere mention of feminine care was shrouded in secrecy and innuendo

Whispered shyly if at all—to mothers, friends, even doctors—this left women wondering, alone, and often afraid of things that can be natural parts of living as a woman. So it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with pH-D Feminine Health to put the subject, and subject area, front and center in their first-ever ad campaign with hopes the more the topic of vaginal odor is discussed unabashedly, unashamedly, the more normalized the conversation becomes.

“For years now, our society has embraced treatments and public discussions around extremely intimate and personal issues affecting men, yet strong stigmas still surround feminine care. This is not right,” said Deeannah Seymour, CEO & Founder of pH-D Feminine Health

In the Smarty Pants campaign, pH-D Feminine Health respects female self-knowledge

And ups her vaginal smarts in a snappy, approachable, relevant way that doesn’t shy away from the facts but integrates them into real life. At the centerpiece of the campaign is a 30-second film that blends humor, facts, and beauty and brings a diverse collection of real, unretouched women of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes to the forefront of the screen. Because the more every woman knows, the more every woman can Know Yourself Well, the tagline of the video ads.

putting the full-frontal front and center

We wanted every woman to be able to see herself, and her vagina, in the spot. To see for yourself, see the whole campaign here.


1 in 4 americans is a woman 40+. Surprised? I was.


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